Festive Yule!

Merry Christmas!I have never liked the phrase “Happy Holidays.” It just sounds so insipidly commercial. This year I caved (damn Wal-Mart!) and put Merry Christmas on our cards, but that doesn’t really hit it right either. I actually like holidays. Sure Christmas isn’t quite as fun as Halloween, but what if I want to enjoy the season without being a grinchy atheist? Just because I am non-religious doesn’t mean I don’t dig a good story, like the virgin birth or the Nutcracker, and I am willing to overcome my agoraphobia for a celebratory gathering that provides some indication of the goodness of humans.

Of course, festivus is appealing–perhaps even more so because of the neighborhood I live in. But it’s too much work. So, from next year forward, I will greet people with “Festive Yule!” (Festivule?) I’m happy to see that there is some historical justification for this, at least in some parts of Scandinavia. And despite the embrace of Yule by the neopagans and wiccans in the US, I think I can steal it for myself and fellow atheists / theosophical pragmatists. The celebration commences forthwith.

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