Instead of blogging

So, I haven’t been blogging because I need to:

1. Religious blogging paper. Finish my part of the data analysis and writing for a co-authored paper to be presented at AIR next month. It’s way overdue. (I might do some posts on this once the analysis is done.)

2. AIR Membership systems. There were “issues” with tracking on members signing up for the conference that require my attention. The organizers have been patient with me, but I need to get them updated information ASAP. Luckily, the main membership system is working, but I need to perform a little bit of a tweak to make it possible to “bar” unpaid members, and I need to do a bit of documenting so someone can audit it.

3. Wikipedia topic mapping. Working with coders on the second co-authored paper for AIR, also overdue. In this case, it’s heavily on me, since Mr. Lackaff already did the heavy lifting for the Wikimania version of the paper.

4. Class planning. Planning my two graduate seminars for Quinnipiac in the Fall. That should have been done a month ago, and despite lots of snippets of things, I still don’t have a solid plan down. (More to the point, I hope to give the students some input on what we cover, but I need to do more planning, not less, for that to happen.)

5. Book proposal. Promised weeks ago, but very back burnered.

6. Movies. Thought this was going to be a bad year for movies all together, but I’ve very much enjoyed the last two I’ve seen: Little Miss Sunshine and The Illusionist. Both were really enjoyable to watch. Actually, I’m a bit surprised the latter isn’t better liked by the critics. And I know you either love or hate Phillip Glass, but his score made the movie for me. Going to see something this Sunday, too.

7. Desk. I had hoped before school started to get a piece of particle board cut down to use as a standing desk, but I guess it will need to wait.

8. Sleep. I need more sleep.

9. Working out. Little late for New Year’s Resolutions, but now that I don’t feel like I’m melting for 20 hours out of the day, trying to get back in the gym and back away from the pizza.

10. Blog. Once I get through all that, I need to blog. I want to do some fixes for folks with smaller screens, and to include a CV and a “status” page with my calendar, all consuming, and other indicators. Oh, and I want to put my aggregator up as well.

There is my project priority list. Too much, too little time.

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