Your lips say no, but…

C. Hurley in CBS StoryMark Frank joined the faculty at UB a year before I left. Seemed to be doing some really interesting work, and had a cool lab to play with. Had a chance to poke around just before I left, and they are doing some fun stuff. Now you can do a quick visit too.

CBS News ran a short piece this evening (WMV [3Mb], MP4[4Mb]). Mark Frank, of course, is featured prominently, and grad student Carolyn Hurley shows up in an early scene. I’m surprised they didn’t get into all the cool tech gadgets they are working with. In the interests of security, I won’t mention what they are. Yeah, I know, security through obscurity not the best way to go, but some of the stuff they are working on is secret. Leave it as: they have ways of knowing more about your body than most doctors do. Pretty neat, and a little spooky.

The take-away from the material they covered here on micro-expressions? We clearly need to be doing more to police the distribution of Botox.

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  1. Posted 8/15/2006 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    Interesting research, especially in times like these. Here’s my take: Imagine everyone learnt how to read everyone else 90% of the time… a world without lies? Oh, the thought of it :P

    BTW: Maybe not botox, but I wouldn’t mind being intoxicated… :P

  2. Jang Kim
    Posted 8/16/2006 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I’m honored to have been Carolyn’s office mate, a TV celebrite!

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  1. […] Your lips say no, but… Mark Frank now works at UB and he studies deception, so his research goes well with issues on national security. Specifically to identify people with ill-intentions by looking at micro-expressions. He appears on CBS News to explain how it works. Keywords: social, health, security, privacy […]

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