Been mid-move for a bit here and all but totally cut off from the world. No net, no mass media of any sort. Our cable/phone/internet bundle should be up by Tuesday, but it means that I’ve been kind of in the dark for a bit.

Here are some promised items for my classes. First copies of the syllabi for the communication theories class (pdf) and the systems class(pdf). I did a quick “what I am interested in” talk for the systems class, and some folks requested the slides from that (pdf). Sorry about the color and one-per-page nature of the pdf on that one. Normally I use the Adobe Distiller to convert PowerPoint slides to PDF, but I’m on the road so I am using the (otherwise excellent) PDF Online.

Both of the classes are blogging (naturally), and if you are interested in following along, please check them out in the coming weeks:

* Communication Theories Aggregator

* Systems Class Aggregator

You will see that I am experimenting with a new aggregator for my classes this year, a souped-up version of lilina. I’ll report back as to how well that works out.

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