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One of the things I talked about as being a significant trend over the next ten years in my “Future of the Net” lecture (which I promised to blog, but did not), was the rise of customer evangelism, and especially customer-created advertising. Apple has already invited such work, both in terms of parodies and original advertising. Wired is doing a story on a particular 60-second animated spot for the iPod mini. This is the kind of commercial that, if it appeared on TV, would stop me in my tracks (or my fast-forward). It also exemplifies the trend, and gives me something to show when I talk about customer-created advertising. (via MP)

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    Ah, the “SlashDot effect” still in very alive… I saw this on Wired. Given the power of computing and technical know-how consumers (or pro-sumers) have nowadays, it seems like the public is set to compete against private commercial agencies in terms of pursuasion power. With word-of-mouth still the most powerful form of marketing, this sort of evangelism is cheap given the range it has in terms of effect over commerically produced marketing, dollar for dollar.

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