Do I. Talk. Like that?

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun, I have effectively demonstrated the best way to become a target of those who claim that the professoriate is left-leaning.

“This is do-it-yourself media,” says Alex Halavais, an assistant professor of communications at the University at Buffalo in New York. “People are doing this for fun. They’re not looking for any kind of profit. They have day jobs. But they’re willing to make time to do this. Even Marx said this was the one thing people had a natural interest in doing – producing things for themselves, being creative.”

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    Just checking

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    What is the “party of the left in America” by Larry Elder? Is it a club only for left-handed people?

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    Sometimes I’m quite happy to live in Europe (Germany) where we don’t have such organisations. Or at least no one cares about them…

  5. Chheng Hong
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    Don’t left-handed people here form a club, union, or something like that?

  6. Chheng Hong
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    OH, sorry I misunderstand Peter’s words, could you please delete my message? sorry about that…..>_<

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    But American academia is full of leftists and liberals. On that there should be no argument.

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    Well, you get a bunch of bright people who care about education together, and … ;)

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    …and you should have diversity, reflective of the populace, unless something fishy is going on.

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    Sure, it could be something fishy, but, you know, the law of parsimony tends to rule out a vast left-wing conspiracy. Seems simple enough to me:

    I teach at a public institution of learning. I make roughly half what I would if I were to take a job in the private sector. I tend to value things much more than money, and believe that privatized education is bad, as do most of my colleagues.

    It seems like a pretty simple calculus. If I am on the right, and I am bright, I am much more likely to go into business.

    I don’t see any good reason to have proportionate representation of political beleifs in education any more than I do cultural beliefs. I bet there are far fewer pro-wrestling fans than there are in the population as well, and I’m OK with that. I’m also OK with the fact that (and no, I have no evidence of this but would be very surprised if I were wrong) there tends to be a conservative monoculture in the financial industry.

    Finally, I urge you to consider that if the proportion of those on the left is different in universities and in the general population, perhaps it is not the university that needs changing. How many Americans think that evolution is “just a theory” with no basis in fact? While knowledge is never a one-way street, it seems clear to me that our job in the academy is to get people to think, and that is always a radical (and not little “c” conservative) idea.

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