Comm Profs: not hot

hotnessI always thought communication faculty had a reputation for hotness. I mean, that’s particularly true of public relations and broadcasting (along with pharmaceutical sales), careers for which beauty seems to be a particular asset. But given our reputation as a bit of an air-headed or superficial major (this guy not helping), I figured we at least were doing well on the hotness scale. Not so: we rank near the bottom of the disciplines, sandwiched between business profs.

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    I was about to feel smug about my decision to jump from English to communication when I saw literature professors even further down the list, but English lies toward the top. If these are US students, it seems like there’s a categorization error, unless there’s a broad swath of homely comp lit professors tormenting students.

    I suspect fields where a lot of grad students do lower-division instruction get an automatic bonus, especially when students don’t get the distinction between tenure-track faculty and grad instructors. In addition to the high marks for English compared to literature, foreign language is at the top. Now I’ve just got to see if I can audit some religion courses.

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    “This guy” actually seems to be okay: a hillbilly, no doubt, but one that I could like. . . And he seemed more a amphetamine-head then a air-head, to be honnest.

    The classification is not so surprising: that hot Dutch teacher, check; the lawyer with the shning smile, check; that hot theologi. . . — Wait; what?

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    Extra-credit: find the subjects that have such a terrible reputation that they were excluded. Statistics? It had to be below Accounting and CS anyway. . .

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