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Regarding the increase in Chinese bloggers, I coincidentally ran into the translation of a survey reported as
Why Blog? in the Dongfang Morning News (via Zona Europa):

Here are some results of a survey of 2,020 Chinese bloggers; the sampling methodology is unspecified, so please hold that grain of salt.

* 26.2% started between 6 months to one year ago; 34.6% started between 3 months to 6 months ago; 28.7% started within the last 3 months.

* 58.8% only only one blog; 41.2% own two or more blogs.

* 83.3% hope to increase their Internet fame by blogging

* 85.9% hope to gain economic benefits by blogging

The business model of blog service providers includes: subscription fees, content publishing, advertising, moblog, enterprise applications, etc.

* 63.4% of bloggers are willing to pay the BSP for better service (note: most BSPs provide free blogs at present)

* 72.7% accept the economic benefits from the blogs

* 37.1% are willing to accept commercial ads

* 32.8% are willing to accept public service ads

* 24.0% are willing to accept any ads from anyone

* Of those who are willing to accept ads, 61.9% are willing to split the income with the BSP

* 6.1% refuse to accept any ads

* 30% said that their blogs have already brought them economic benefits

(Thanks to Ying Jiang at Adelaide for the pointer, via the Chinese Internet Research list.)

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  1. Posted 4/18/2006 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

    hoho. I’m a Chinese blogger. My first blog was a FREE one on, almost 3 years ago.
    really i cannot agree this “85.9% hope to gain economic benefits by blogging “. could the percentage be this high?

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