Of grills and other implants

Strange story on CNN about an attempt to seize suspects’ “fancy teeth”. The FBI tried to whisk a couple of drug dealers off to a dentist to… get up in their grills, I guess. Their attorney put a stop to it.

But it does raise some interesting issues. Do they go to jail with gems in their teeth? Clearly, there are things they will let you go to jail with: pacemakers, replacement joints, tattoos, etc. And then there are things you are not allowed to take with you to jail: wedding bands, piercings, brass knuckles. So where do you draw the line? If I have a computer or cell phone implanted–yes, I know it sounds a little strange, but well within the bounds of reason–would the state require that this be surgically removed, either as a condition of incarceration or as a property seizure?

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