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Seminar WordPress Stack

In setting up another CommentPress site for teaching this semester, I realized that I’ve evolved a set of plugins I like to use each semester, and it might be helpful to let others know about them. I’ll post later about how I use these. There are lots of other things I would like to try, […]
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Unresolved this new year

I have learned a lot in 2012. It’s easy to forget things accomplished, and realize how much you didn’t do. I didn’t get in better shape–quite the opposite. I didn’t produce nearly the amount (or quality) of research I might have wanted. I didn’t make a huge sum of money. I wasn’t the best sort […]
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A Wedding

Last weekend we returned briefly to New York City to attend the wedding of my godfather, Glen, and his partner of nearly two decades, Gino. It was a beautiful ceremony, and a wonderful reception at the Loeb Boathouse. It felt very traditional to me, though in one way, I suppose, it was not traditional. To […]
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It gets better

I'm sure you’ve seen a number of these, but I particularly like Pixar’s take, precisely because it’s a bunch of people who are not Hollywood stars in the traditional sense. It gets better for lots of people, not just the super-famous. (Hat-tip to the always-awesome Prof. Hacker.)
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