Bushido blogging

This quote from an introduction to a copy of the Hagakure brought to mind blogging:

To speak of Hagakure it is perhaps best to state first what it is not: that is, a well-thought-out philosophy, either in the sense of containing a closely reasoned or logical argument, or in terms of subject matter. On the contrary, it contains an antiintellectual or antischolastic bent through-out, and being a record of a seven-year-span of conversations, the subject matter varies considerably, ranging from the author’s deepest feelings concerning the Way of the Samurai to discussions on the implements of the Tea Ceremony or how a certain mansion acquired its name. The book, moreover, does not seem to have been intended for public reading. In a preface the author advocated that in the end all eleven chapters be thrown into the fire, and he later quotes his father as saying, “After reading books and the like, it is best to burn them or throw them away. It is said that reading books is the work of the Imperial Court, but the work of the House of Nakano is found in military valor, grasping the staff of oak.”

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  1. Posted 12/30/2003 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

    Hey Alex… will you remind me why you’re not writing the chapter on blogging for my handbook? I’m sure there was a good reason, but jeremy was asking, and I couldn’t remember.

  2. Posted 12/31/2003 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    Er, I wasn’t invited / didn’t know you were doing one? :)

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