Now I’m stable

OK, at least my computer is. I had Thermaltake 480W Silent PurePower with Active PFC), the memory (Kingston HyperX), adding a SATA drive (WD Raptor 10K), and a very cheap AGP (Mad Dog Predator MX440), I had gained only minimal stability–and that was only while underclocking the system. After reading a bunch of discussion boards and seeing people RMA the A7N8X Deluxe two and three times, I decided to cut my losses and crossed over to the Abit NF7-S. Tore the thing apart and installed the new board, and I was up and running. It’s quick, and rock stable (knock on wood), and I’ve learned my lesson: look beyond the reviews!

I’ve ended up spending far more on this than I had planned or hoped (both money and time), but it should serve my needs well for a few years. The next updates will be a second, matching, SATA disk so that I can run RAID-0, and eventually a kick up to the 3200+ processor and full three gigs of RAM. For now, though, I am enjoying running matrix processing scripts at about ten times the speed they ran on my old rig. I’m also digging the dual monitors. A guy could get used to this.

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