I was saddened to hear today that Henri Cartier-Bresson has passed away. Even if you are not a fan of photographers, you know who he is, even if you don’t know you know. Take a look at the portraits in this gallery and you will find some of your own memories probably arrived through his lens. I was pleased to learn that his favorite photograph is also mine, a photograph that is ultimately in the moment, and aching in its sense of anticipation.

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    just watched an interview with Bresson by Charlie Rose back in 2000. some fascinating conversations (not the exact quote; Bresson was 90 then and spoke french-flavored English):
    ‘I’m not a photographer, I just use camera as a tool..’
    ‘I shoot because drawing is too difficult’
    ‘Being well-known is embarassing’
    ‘I don’t want to be a filmmaker, because being an arnachist means not to direct other people what to do’ (and he reiterate his arnachist identity through the interview)
    ‘Picasso is a fine craftsman, but not a genius…’
    And do you know Bresson never cropped any of his photos! How much cooler can he be!

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