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I’ve foregone the traditional blogroll, so I’m instead moving it into the entries, with a new blogroll category that will introduce other people’s blogs (OPB). This time around, I’ll introduce you to some of the blogs from people who have interesting to say about technology in human environments, including cities. These might fit as a group only in my own mind, but it is my blog, so you’ll have to deal with that.

Aaron Delwiche: Aaron, at Trinity in San Antonio, is one of the brightest guys I know, and consistently ends up doing very cool research that makes me say “I wish I had thought of that.” To get the flavor of his blog, you might check out an entry on his summer research interviewing gamers in Chiang Mai or a post on writing biographical notes on Veblen, Goodman, McLuhan, and Leary.

Purse Lip Square Jaw – Anne Galloway, a grad student at Carleton, keeps a research blog relating to her interests in the intersection of the city, the body, and technology. In part because she works in disciplines that are interesting to me but not my own, I often find her linking to ideas, projects, and events of which I would otherwise remain unaware. Consider, for example, her posts on Ubicomp and Situationism or Mobilities and Computing: A Few Research Questions.

Smart Mobs – This blog, a spin-off from Howard Rheingold’s book by the same title, is widely read, and with good reason. They (it is a group blog) consistently chronicle news and information related to the dynamics of creativity within groups, especially when this has a RL dimension. Recently, for example, they had blurbs and links on the the use of NYC streetlights to provide a better cellular and WiFi network and demands for more use of open materials for students. I had run into these items via other sources, but if I had to limit myself to reading five blogs, this would be one of them.

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