BBC, annotated

This is really cool. The BBC NEWS wikiproxy runs the BBC through a filter that linkifies the text to hit Wikipedia articles, and adds in which blogs are pointing to the article. How cool is that?

Of course, there is the second-order problem: will (would) blogs start linking through the filter itsef and thereby mess things up?

At any rate, not only is this cool in practice, it’s cool in theory. Wonder what is going to happen to all those “Place” names Word keeps underlining? One of my grad students uses a plug-in that lets her get instant translations of words from English to Chinese, and record them for later. Lot’s of people are using the web to help them improve their reading skills in second (and third, etc.) languages. This is how people will learn in the future. (Sorry, lost who I found this through…)

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    Drool . . .
    It’s the next step beyond the Google Toolbar (and what Mozilla Firefox has done) and I love it.

  2. Lcetzin
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    Prof. in responce to you responce on my blog site poo online, I was wonderning since you liked the notion of Sky Captain; what did you think of the old black and white Bat man and Robin. Although I was too young to see them air’d, my father used to rent them for me and I thought they were great. And secondly which do you think is better; the original stlye with the innovation of being one of the first in a long line of genre or the new digitally masterd take on the original?

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    BBC, annotated
    This is really cool.

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    BBC, annotated
    This is really cool.

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