A few advisees

Someone asked recently what my advisees do. Well, I don’t have very many. I’m not a very easy person to get along with, and I am decidedly uncool. Add that to the fact that I am very demanding, and expect ridiculously excellent work, and that I have much of my time now eaten up with administrative tasks, and you don’t have a winning combo. Nonetheless, I’ve somehow ended up with a small number of pretty cool advisees…

Stephanie BelHomme (B.A.) – Normally undergrads don’t have faculty advisors at UB, but Ms. BelHomme has designed her own major, “Cultural Communication & Commerce,” and is focusing on (among other things) the role of global cultural transmission in the fashion industry.

Kara Kerwin (M.A.) – Ms. Kerwin is just about to complete her thesis on the motivations for establishing hyperlinks in weblogs. She splits her time between this and providing educational technology expertise to Hamilton College.

Jia Lin (Ph.D.) – Ms. Lin is working on completing a dissertation that looks at the use of weblogs as a way of measuring and eliciting urban culture, and comparing the creative potential among US cities.

Chien-Lin Liu (Ph.D.) – Mr. Liu is an unusual case, situating his work between the departments of communication and library studies. He has MLS and MI degrees from us, in addition to a masters degree in linguistics from Saint Petersburg University. He has just begun his program, but is interested in creating architectures for ad hoc clustering of heterogeneous PCs. He will be working closely with Prof. Brown-Syed.

Jack Rosenberry (Ph.D.) – Mr. Rosenberry is completing a dissertation that examines the role of online newspapers in encouraging participatory democracy. He also is a professional journalist and teaches at St. John Fisher College.

Sarah Whitehead (M.A.) – Ms. Whitehead is a new graduate student. She and I will be working on a project to measure the blogging “agenda,” and she will be part of the “social learning in games” research group next semester.

I had hoped, at one point, that my advisees could form a strong, cohesive bond as a group. Unfortunately, none of them hang around campus enough to make that very possible. I need to figure out a proxy for this.

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  1. Posted 11/29/2004 at 11:40 pm | Permalink

    You say I’m cool, but I’ve got a younger brother who would strongly disagree.
    I strenuously second the “expect ridiculously excellent work” comment – please keep it up :)

  2. Posted 11/30/2004 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Never realized you were difficult to get along with…oh I’m doomed! I agree with Kara–keep up your expectations, if you don’t push us, who will? And I’ve always been “uncool”–too adult-like for my friends, so I guess it’s a match!

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