Yesterday was one of those 14 hour days, dashing to each appointment, and fighting a cold to boot. In that haze of near consciousness, I dashed out of the lecture hall without my USB flash drive. I didn’t realize this until I was driving home from dinner (with Steve Sawyer and Pauline Cheong). Every single thing I’ve done since the beginning of the year was on that drive. But, luckily, since I am an “information professional” I know that the drive should be periodically backed up. Unluckily, that knowledge was never translated into action. There is no excuse for this, since I suffered a catastrophic drive failure a year or so ago.

So, after trying the places such things are supposed to go, I’m trying to figure out how to reconstruct my life. Some things actually exist on hard drives or servers (not many), and thank goodness for gmail–much of what I’ve sent to others or gotten from them can be recovered. My worst fear is that I won’t catch all of the 25+ open projects I am working on and something will fall through the cracks. I was barely staying on top of them as it is.

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    I certainly hope your information was at least either non-sensitive or encrypted; not to add more reason to worry, but I know I’m working on some research that I don’t want out there yet.


    ~ Matthew L. Schwartz

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