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One of the topics that always seems to grab students when we talk about privacy is the question of subdermal trackers. Digital Angel holds some patents on personal locators, and caused quite a stir when they announced that they were about to test subdermal versions of their devices. They quickly backed up on that, but it looks as though they have been quietly moving in that direction anyway. The public environment is likely much more inviting these days. Besides, we now have new creepy things to think about, like: robots that think like rats, rats with robot brains, and robots with rat brains.

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    What, no rats that think like robots, just to complete the set? Reminds me of the Sniffy the Virtual Rat skinner program that our AP Psych classes use here at NMH [edited] — although those are mere virtual avatars that think kind of like rats, albeit a bit oversimply because, after all, as Papert might complain, no virtual simalcrum can anticipate the total breadth of real world possibility. Virtual rats never poop, for example.

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    Oops. Sorry I forgot to end the link tag in the above entry. It’s late and I’ve been watching the baby all night; what can I tell you. The missing word — the one intended to be linked — was, of course, the name of my own teaching site, NMH.

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