Comestible coatings

Had lunch with Jamie and Jane today. Conversation turned to edible packaging. Jane said she wouldn’t eat the packaging, because it would likely be dirty. Oh, yeah. No wonder it’s been slow to market. (“The agency predicts that these products could be on the market as early as 2002.”)

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  1. Jenn
    Posted 5/17/2003 at 12:14 am | Permalink

    Maybe not as slow as you think- what about the edible Cinnaburst wrapper? Yes, some people say this is a myth and some people may have never heard of this but it was big thing where I come from (Buffalo.) We never bothered to unwrap the gum because as rumor had it, the wrapper was supposed to be eaten. Even if it wasn’t true, I did it all the time. And I also got a lot of people to try it while I was at it…(cough cough, Jeff.) I like the idea of edible packaging because anything that makes getting to the food faster is always good! :)

  2. Jeff
    Posted 5/17/2003 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    For the record, that Cinnaburst wrapper gave me tape worm.

  3. Posted 5/18/2003 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    I always liked the idea of food tape: something slightly sticky, yet not messy, and perhaps in different flavors (like taco, or bread) to be wrapped around tacos, burritos, subs, etc.
    I think the technology is already there (something like the listerine pocketpak strip things).
    And now that makes me want tacos for dinner :)

  4. Barbara
    Posted 5/19/2003 at 7:30 pm | Permalink

    Isn’t underwear good enough?

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