When visualization goes bad

Well, I’ve given up on trying to get together a paper on coverage of presidential elections for this year’s ICA conference. Really needed to plan my time a bit better. Maybe less blogging would have helped. Nah! If anything, it gets me typing instead of staring at a blank screen.

My mind is pretty muddled at this point, but not muddled enough to think I’m going to have the paper in any kind of shape in the next 20 minutes. I helped editing a bit of Jia’s paper, and I hope that works out for her. I think I had a bit of a mental block in getting this one finished. It was bad enough that for a moment, I thought the above figure would actually clarify my findings. Yikes!

Anyway, I should have some time over the weekend to assemble things a bit more, and then I’ll decide whether to gather a larger sample (time, not papers) and send it off to a journal.

Of course, I’ve also promised my chair a file of things I’ve worked on this year, in hopes of a re-appointment to the department. Maybe I’m just stupid, but I thought I’d have until my tenure review to get caught up to speed. I’m not complaining (I think profs should be held accountable for their teaching and research even after — gasp! — tenured), I just wish I had spent less time prepping for classes and more time getting research done. I wonder how many assistant professors say that? (<- rhetorical)

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