They say you are supposed to have a “voice” or something for your blog writing. Huh. I just don’t get it. I am the unmediated me, isn’t that enough? Anyway, the point of this brief and fruitless introspection is to note that Maggie Berry–AKA Mighty Girl–has a voice. To wit:

There is a store on Valencia Street that sells–among other things–small, dead alligators dressed as Victorian women. They are relatively expensive. Apparently, customers purchase these items and bring them home for display in the living room. Their friends visit and say, “Goodness. What is that?” The proud owners say, “That is a small dead reptile dressed to resemble a turn-of-the-century Christmas caroler.” To which the friends reply, “Oh.”

She’s an editor for Web Techniques which I do not read. I might, if she wrote for it, because her blog entries are, like, deep.

(By which I mean to say that they are not, in actuality, deep, but rather provide an emotion like that provided by writing about “deep” topics, while her posts are describing observations that might be judged–incorrectly–as fairly superficial. Gotta work on that whole “voice” thing.)

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