Urban farming

I absolutely love the idea of converting Buffalo’s lots into functioning farms. How cool an idea. Not only would this provide fresh vegetables and fruit to those in urban areas that otherwise are lacking, it would be a wonderful shot in the arm for Buffalo restaurants. Particularly if it were expanded to include urban forestry, this would make a huge impact on the livability of the city.

It also brings about the possibility of becoming a micro-gentleman-farmer (gentleman micro-farmer? micro-gentleman micro-farmer?), a Jeffersonian dream for the new millennium.

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    Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet (Francis Moore Lappe) gives a very nice description of some community gardening projects centered around public schools in California. Too bad the gardens in Buffalo would only be harvestable for a few months each year [unless they were completely enclosed and heated – just look outside :( ]

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    More than a few months, non? I would be thinking apples (though it may be too cold), and grapes. It’s not even cold enough yet to make Eiswein. How cool would that be: a downtown Buffalo micro-winery. You could even bottle exclusively in half-bottles. :)

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