This year’s performance measures

PICT0002We heard it was the place all the hip New Yorkers were heading, so first thing in the morning of New Years Day, we headed out to JFK and hopped a Jet Blue flight to Aruba to start the year out right. Expect posting to be a bit slack over then next few weeks.

When I started in grad school, I was working for the City of Bellevue tracking their performance measures outcome measures. Instead of a set of new years resolutions, I’m going to set up some performance and outcome measures. At the end of 2007, I’ll see how I’m doing on these: both in quantitative and qualitative terms.


As always, hope to improve my health and fitness. I’ll be tracking:

* Total number of workout days

No, I don’t want to work out every day, but I want to work out most days.

* Body weight

I know, BMI is a better measure. But at my weight, sheer weight will work for now.

* Resting pulse, blood pressure, A1C, cholesterol

The usual suspects

Scholarly output

* Articles published
* Books published
* Grant dollars


* Student evaluations
* Teaching articles published

Public communication

* Public talks
* Commentary in media
* Editorials / letters / other non-academic publishing
* Unique visits to the blog

Money matters

* Wealth (negative at the moment)
* Consulting hours


This is a strange one. When I was a kid–big shock here–I played the D&D type games. Because of this, I ended up thinking about my personal portfolio of skills. Not so much in the way of spellcasting skills; things like programming and languages, rock-climbing and such. Some of these are conveniently trackable with external rankings (like Japanese language ability), while others are more qualitative, and for those that don’t I’ll have to make up my own. I already know some targets (CPR training, for example), but I expect to find others during the year.


I want to do things I’ve never done before. Obviously, these will hopefully feed into the above. New experiences should provide me with a new applicable knowledge.

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