Quinnipiac gains ground

New QU CampusGot a note from President Lahey that came as a bit of a surprise.

Quinnipiac is currently developing a hill-top second campus (York Hill) that has views of the Long Island Sound and New Haven. A bunch of stuff is scheduled to go up there, including new dorms, and the new $52 million Banknorth Sports Center ([mp4]), which is due to open later this month. (Great panorama here). They were also supposed to be building a new Health Sciences center on that campus, which would allow the School of Communications to move into the large space currently occupied by the School of Health Sciences on the main Carmel Mountain campus. That was supposed to happen “soon,” which in university terms usually means “someday.” With me so far?

Well, it seems we have just bought a large nearby campus from Anthem Blue Cross (picture from Google Maps–at least I think that’s it), which should be open for occupation “soon” in business terms, which means a lot sooner than in university terms, or gradually over the next year or two. This third campus (all three are within a few mile radius) incorporates 570,000 square feet that is already built, and will house the “Graduate Center,” including the graduate health programs. That means that Communications might be able to get new digs in the Health Sciences building sooner than we had once thought. It might also mean that the Interactive Communication grad program moves to another campus–though that seems less likely. In either case, it might mean I don’t need to share an office sometime in the future, though Mr. Lyons has been an agreeable office mate.

In total, it means that Quinnipiac University campuses now comprise of about 600 acres, which is a lot of campus. It’s more than twice the size of our neighbors to the south, unless you include their golf course, nature preserve, and 17 acre Horse Island.

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