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  1. Glenorchy

    Agree that clean, above all else, if of paramount importance.

    Related to design and WiFi, well placed outlets. With a minimum of three devices to recharge, I would also like to have a sufficient number of well placed outlets. As far as I am concerned hotels could do away with the clock radios. My iPhone and iPad can do all they can do and better. Please, hotel interior designers, don’t make me have to move headboards and nightstands to access outlets. Please remember to keep enough outlets in the vicinity of the desk to accomdate my devices and that coffee/tea maker (very important device and while I am on the subject, would you remember to stock it with lots of real tea, not just that herbal stuff that passes for tea these day?).

    Don’t make me fight with the hangers to store my clothes.

    I was about to write that it would ok by me to eliminate the hairdryer from the bathroom, but then I remembered that I have sometimes used it to dry a section of a shirt or tie quickly when I have had to remove a stain.

    • alex

      Yes! I forgot about the outlets. I travel with one of these which comes in handy at hotels and also at airports, etc., when the one outlet is already taken. I wish I didn’t have to, but I can never rely more than one outlet (if that). Same with tea, though I also generally travel with one of these (the in-room coffee makers inevitably retain the coffee flavor) and my own selection of commercial bags of tea. (I made the mistake of traveling with ziplock bags of loose oolong, and that was, of course, the very rare time my bag got checked by customs, and they were a bit skeptical.)

      And yes, I agree on the hair dryer, but I don’t know that we are the target audience for that. I know I’m not. If I were going to go that far, I’d say don’t bother with shampoo or conditioner either :).

  2. heather

    Loved the post. Can’t stop thinking about First World Problems though. :) Regarding a useable fridge, have heard tell you could call ahead and request one for “medical purposes”. http://rawissexy.com/2013/02/travel-healthy-even-in-vegas-2.html

    • alex

      Yeah, for sure First-World Problems :).

      I considered this last time calling down and telling them I was pumping and was shocked that they were going to charge me for a fridge. On arrival, if they challenged, I would just say “I didn’t say what” and completely freak them out.

  3. Marivic

    I would totally love a bottle of 1L bottle of water in my room for each day I’m staying and for each person with me. And what with the hair on the ceiling? Really? Yuck. I’m with you on all of these, for the most part. Sometimes you just want what you want. Especially if you’re paying a high rate for it.

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