The hyperlinked society

Just got a copy of the new collection of essays edited by Joseph Turow and Lokman Tsui. Looking forward to digging into it. This came out of a set of talks at Annenberg (East) a couple of years ago, and the essays tend to take a fairly broad view of the issues surrounding hyperlinking.

On re-reading my chapter, I’m not as thrilled as I might be. It’s clear I was writing it while thinking about the book I’ve been working on, but the argument comes out more muddled than it needs to be. Wish I’d focussed things down a bit more, but that’s water under the bridge. Glancing through some of the other articles, I see a lot of ideas similar to mine better expressed. There’s a nice group of authors there, and I’m lucky and honored to be in the same volume with them.

Normally I wouldn’t be so base as to suggest you “order yours soon!” but it looks like Amazon is running short on stock, so you might want to :). Of course, you can also order it directly from U of Michigan Press (for a bit more), and they have the table of contents and other information on their site.

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