Remaindered Links

Build me.Some of these are new, others old…
* Agoraphobics rejoice: Google now has street level photos. Here’s my apartment. The very slight creepiness is way outbalanced by the coolness factor. If I had checked this out before I went to trade in my cable box at a nondescript building, I could have saved myself a couple of seconds of rechecking the address.
* Geogreeting pulls alphabetamorphic buildings from Gmaps and spells stuff out. It even shows you where the buildings are on a map. Very cool.
* Very much looking forward to a Diamond Age miniseries
* I wonder if no email Fridays would just lead to more anxiety about what is going missing.
* This case, a lawsuit against the Internet Archive for crawling an individual’s site, is one that needs to be watched closely.
* Not every day you get compared to compared to Severus Snape

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