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Why I am not a Liberal – part 1

When we lived in Buffalo, I made, maybe, a dozen car trips into Canada. No, not for the ballet; either to eat, or to visit Toronto (“and that’s what’s great about Buffalo”1). In our “post 9/11 world” I always found Canadian border guards to be perfunctory but relatively polite, and American border guards, with rare […]
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Dumb politicians

Palin got a lot of bad press for being, well, stupid. Particularly when it comes to civics. According to this story however, elected politicians are generally pretty poorly informed. When they took this quiz on civic literacy, they scored, on average, 44%, and average citizens who took it scored under 50%. Now, I don’t want […]
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Fake America

This, from St. Mark’s street on election night…
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Why McCain lost

I think there are a lot of reasons Obama won. It seems strange to ask why McCain lost. After all, I assumed early on that it would be impossible for a Republican candidate to win, given the current president’s performance. But then the Republicans nominated McCain, someone I had always thought of as a pragmatist, […]
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