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A steampunk comes out

Remember when I was crawling around the attic, looking for my old Planters-peanut-man Halloween costume? I didn’t donate it to the children’s theater, like I told you. I salvaged the monocle, top hat, and cane, combined them with a swallowtail tuxedo, and stole away to a midnight screening of the underrated masterpiece The League of […]
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Festo AirJelly

You know how to get my attention: encephalopod robot dirigibles Those three keywords are enough to get me excited. But who wouldn’t get excited by this:
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Wireless Balloons

I’ve been talking about this for years, and people seem to just think I’m crazy, but it looks like Google doesn’t. It looks like they will be investing in Space Data Corp’s floating SkyWiFi. Basically, these are hydrogen-filled WiFi repeaters floating around at high altitudes and providing internet and cell-phone coverage in rural areas. I […]
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Imaginary dirigibles

You know how some people have imaginary friends? Until today, I had an imaginary blimp. I was reading the post over on WorldChanging about the return of the airship as a travel alternative. I am prepared to sound really dumb here, but I thought there already was an existing route between Brunei and Hong Kong. […]
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