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The Badges of Oz

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about being a “skeptical evangelist” when it comes to the uses of badges in learning. This was spurred, in large part, by a workshop run by Mitch Resnick at DML2012 that was critical of the focus on badges. This year Resnick was back, as part of a […]
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Rank Teacher Ranking

There has been a little discussion on an informal email list at my university about the Op-Ed by Bill Gates in the New York Times that argues against public rankings of teachers. It’s a position that in some ways constrains the Gates Foundation’s seeming interest in quantifying teaching performance. It led to questions we have […]
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Creating Buffalo

An article in the Buffalo News today discusses how Richard Florida’s ideas about the creative class might affect Buffalo. It’s a little funny that this has been so embraced here, given that Buffalo (and it seems Florida was once a prof here) ends up the fourth from the bottom of the list of creative cities.
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