Systems Class Readings

Sorry to have been out of the loop guys. I am now catching up on email and everything else. So, readings for next week are pretty light, in part because we’re a bit short on time, and in part because I want to talk a bit about some of the tech.

For October 19

* Watch Weinberger’s and Levy’s addresses at the Library of Congress. (We’ll me watching some of the other addresses in this series later in the semester.)

* Miller, P. (2000) I am a name and a number. Ariande, 24.

* Fast, K., Leise, F., and Steckel, M. (2002). All about facets & controlled vocabularies, What is a controlled vocabulary?, Creating a controlled vocabulary, Synonym rings and authority files.

Recommended, but optional

* Levy, D. M. (1995). Cataloging in the digital order. Digital Libraries.

* Mann, T. (2005). Will Google print and keyword searching eliminate the need for LC cataloging and classification? AFSCME 2910.

* An introduction to the MARC format

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  1. […] David said that blog is “the way of constructing ourselves in this new public”. Are we doing this? I would assume that because we have at least one focus (INF507), it can be to our own interests to comment on each other’s blogs and keep up with our conversations. I am one of the people who learn something new everyday. Please feel free to comment and challenge me on any of my entries. We don’t need to have the same views about topics. “Coup de chapeau” (hat off)to this week’s reading. […]

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