Research to do

Nick Gaydos (via Canter) wants to be able to:

* take pictures and have them automatically posted into online albums
* jabber a thought into my mobile phone and have it recorded and archived into an mp3, posted on my weblog
* record what sites I visit, and keep them tabulated in a calendar
* nab the titles of the songs that I%u2019m currently listening to embed events into a syndicated feed
* track my location over time with the gps in my phone and pda

I want those things to. I did a short presentation of my research agenda; it looks only marginally like the outdated version on this page.

I am interested in the intersection of personal information management and collaboration. Though the technologies of the memex have by-and-large come to pass, the ultimate vision has not. I want for the scientist or academic (or anyone, really–this just makes for a convenient target) to be able to record his or her life, and–this is important–to be able to make sense of it.

I could call this strand of research “sense making within personal data environments,” but for now, I am just calling it Todo. As in “everything” (I have a feeling that people increasingly use their email or the schedules as universal organization schemes) and as in “to do.”

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