Realtime, really

Justin Hall is talking about realtime technologies in real world teaching environments. One of the experiments he has done with the grad students is setting up EtherPEG and broadcasting to the room what images are being viewed by people in the classroom. He suggests that he wants to do the same thing with AIM. That way, snippets of conversation during class would show up on a large screen.

Liz suggests that she has gotten over this. That you have to earn people’s full attention. If the students don’t listen, that’s OK. If someone is really interesting, they will contribute. Jason comments that he actually messages while lecturing. He wants people to be talking to their learning groups, not just with the instructor.

A lot of this has to do with the authority in the class, Marita notes. Is there a place for stopping people from talking in a class? How about if this doesn’t distract others?

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    test image

    this represents how cyborglogging will converge with social networking software and the search engines that are being developed, like stuff i have seen.

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