Psyops training

scenes.gifLuckily, we already know how to win the hearts and minds of a people, and were training experts in this in 1968. Consider:

Narrator: This man is the expert on the subject. His name is Leo Hamilton, and he is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. Earlier today, he was designated the Psychological Operations Staff Officer Advisor. Soon, with the other officers on the advisory team, he will be flying to “Hostland.” In the area of psychological operations, “psyop,” Colonel Hamilton qualifies as a veteran, with considerable field experience. Now, he is building on that knowledge, supplementing it with specifics concerning Hostland: its geography, its economy, its governmental structure. Above all, he is concerned with its people: their way of life, their religion, their culture, their sense of national identity (or lack of it). He must know the people of Hostland, for their minds will be his primary objective.

The film is available online as part of the Prelinger Archive.

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