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Postrel notes that while the mainstreaming of gay culture in the US has certainly been remarkable, that an ad like this one for Travelocity can play on British TV, but is not aired for the American market, indicates there remains room for more acceptance.

She may be right, although I could certainly see the opposite side: perhaps an advertising campaign based on stereotypes (all men who are flight attendants are flaming) won’t fly here precisely because the gay lobby may be strong enough to hurt Travelocity if they found it offensive. I find it amusing. I suspect many gay men would as well, but its hard to say how many, really. It may be that the same commercial ten years ago would have been quite offensive to the gay community, and it is less so today.

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    Would you quit being so prolific? Between you and Joshua I can hardly keep up! Be back later to say more. GTG!!

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  1. By this is the samaBlog on 6/24/2003 at 11:13 am

    Gay Travelocity
    Check this gay Travelocity ad that only runs in England. I thought it was funny. Why not air it here? =-” href=””>Halavais >…

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