Pong Democracy

Multi-pongJust what you need: another game of Pong. But there is something less fun than facinating about this Massively Multiplayer Pong. Each side is played by a team of several people who, though constant feedback, “vote” where the paddle should be.

One way to play is to place your vote where you think the paddle should be. But if, for example, one of your teammates is asleep, you have to compensate, voting, say, for a position lower than the ball will actually hit. Often there is a mis-match, with four people playing against one, and this provides a small experiment in control and politics. Who wins at pong, the dictator or the direct democracy?

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  1. Posted 10/30/2006 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps as with everything else, too much of a good thing is bad? :)

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