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PodCamp!The whole idea of living in Manhattan was that, unlike Buffalo, I would be at the center of universe, and could go and do everything. And yet, I hardly have time to blog this semester (yes, I’m still alive), let alone go a mile downtown to do cool things. What cool things? Well, I managed to miss a Second Life educators meet and greet. And I have now scheduled missing PodCamp NYC this Friday. And of course, there is the New York Auto Show this weekend as well, which I’ve wanted to go to for a long time. If I can find a couple of hours on Sunday, I might actually make that one.

Generally, though, I need to stop going places. Yes, I’m happily on the hook for the AIR conference in Vancouver and for the NCA conference in Chicago in the fall. And I may yet get something together for HICSS. But I’m drawing the line there. No more conferencing. I need to be more of a hermit for a while. I need a little room to relax and breathe.

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    Bah, you can breath when yer dead:) just be happy yer not on the market:)

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