Personal Interaction Management

Seb introduces a new term “Personal Interaction Manager” that I suspect would quickly be taken up if not for the ambiguous acronym. Nonetheless, it is a much better shot than what I’ve been calling it in my notes “todo.” Work on open projects has kept me from persuing this, though I may look at the social practices that undergird the intersection between personal publishing and social networks as part of a look at blogging and information management in the legal profession. The place where personal information management meets information sharing is an interesting area, ripe for exploration.

At present, I’ve been on a wiki kick, putting together some collaborative wikis, a wiki for my personal research notes, and a wiki that will be public if and when I ever redesign this site. This is a permissions nightmare. Although I want to be radically open, the attempt to do so highlights the conditions under which such openness is ill-advised. The grumbling about the new social networking software–Orkut–and the spam factor of emailing friends-of-friends, points to some of these difficulties. While I am suspect of the process of quantifying friendships, I also have a feeling that doing so will be a vital part of creating sharing systems that work.

(Update: Quinn’s got it right..)

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