On the road

tochic.pngDriving out to Chicago for a while to attend a wedding. (House burglers who may read my blog: nota bene, we have a good alarm, a big dog, friendly/nosy neighbors, and absolutely nothing you couldn’t pick up for less than the price of a six-pack at a garage sale.) It’s easy to forget that you are in the middle of nowhere until you realize that the drive to Chicago is only slightly longer than the one to New York City.

So, unlike today’s marathon blogging, chances are I will be relatively blogless for a while. I’m (probably) not dead, just off the grid.

Meanwhile, I leave the blog entries on these to you:

  • The Virtual Reality lab at UB now makes it possible to touch things at a distance. Melon shopping may never be the same again.
  • Have to read this paper during the trip. Appears to be an interesting approach to detecting and describing the modularity of the internet. They conclude that the internet breaks down into 100 components roughly corresponding to nation-states. Excuse me, but am I missing something here? How is that a surprise? The method, at least, is interesting, and might also be applied to a hyperlink analysis.
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  1. Posted 7/14/2003 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

    Like, are you back yet? And when are you going to write something?

    Oh, search strings hitting my blog, second only to “the matrix defense” which, *AHEM*, made popdex, is inquiries into the word “fingerspitzengefuhl” which was part of your reply to this post.

    Who knew so many people would be curious about it? Or do you think people are watching Real Genius and saying whaaaa?

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