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I have, as a when-I-get-time project, wanted to start a blog for blog researchers and call it “onblogs.” But I do wonder if there is a need for such a centralized place for such things, given the distributed k-logs out there now. Is another layer of filtration really needed? I would want to be collecting discussions on questions like this. I’ll think on it.

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  1. Posted 11/22/2002 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

    There is blogonblog, by Jill Walker and Torill Mortensen.

    As far as I know there are two relevant articles by researchers on the topic:

    Blogging Thoughts again by Jill and Torill;
    Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research by yours truly.

    I think a central rallying point for blog research would be nice. Perhaps we should replicate what David Gammel does with KMPings.

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    Thanks for the great reads, Seb. Yes something along the lines of KMPings might be a very good idea, one which would allow some leveraging of the community rather than just increasing the flow of traffic. I guess that’s my worry, I’m all about laziness and don’t necessarily want to do what is already done better.

    The other side of this is that I would like to:
    (a) unite some of the folks in disparate academic traditions who are working on blogs and blog-like things, and
    (b) provide resources for those interested in the area from a more scholarly perspective (I’m thinking something along the lines of the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies, though naturally more dynamic).

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    Alex, you should also check out and introduce yourself in the Weblog Kitchen.

  4. Posted 11/24/2002 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    Cool. I’ll spend some time working through it (and seeing how I fit in).

  5. Posted 11/25/2002 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Though I know there things out there now, as referenced in the other comments, I’ve gone ahead and created blogresearch, a multi-authored blog for exploration of some blog-related research that a few of us have been tossing around. All of the participants have the ability to add new authors, if anyone else wants to play.

    The focus at first will be on brainstorming for grant funding, since the NSF ITR program, which is well-suited to this kind of research, has a due date of mid February.

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