News Media Mauls Dogs

As a follow-up on the earlier story about a caretaker being attacked by Ving Rhames’s dogs, note that tiny Canyon News is the one of the very few news outlets reporting that the dogs did not maul anyone. The caretaker had bites and scratches on his extremities, which suggests that either the dogs got a little too rowdy during playtime, or perhaps tried to help him. From the story:

The connection between Adam’s death and the dogs baffles investigators.

“We are trying to figure out if, in fact, [ Adams] was attacked. When animals attack, animals will go for the throat or the head area and Adams’ body did not have any indication of this,” Capt. Winter explained.

“Maybe he got bit and fell down and the dogs wanted to play,” Capt. Winter said.

Yet allegations that Rhames’ mammoth-sized, robust dogs viciously attacked caretaker continue to swarm the media.

Despite any evidence that the man was mauled, take a look at the headlines that continue to be generated about his mauling.

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