New Year’s Resolution #5

WHEREAS, I am fat enough to try out to be the new Ernest & Julio Gallo spokesman

It wouldn’t be a list of resolutions without this perennial fav. I’ve always been overweight–or at the very least, I have never been underweight. But now I have moved from the merely fat to gigantor status.

I’d love to say that it is glandular, or that it is due to some deep-seated emotional problem. There is probably some minute truth to both of these excuses, but the most important one is a serious lack of self-discipline.

Part of that discipline problem has more to do with organizing my time than anything else. I have kept up a regular program of exercise for several weeks only to have it dissolve into chaos as I ran out of time for various projects. Same is true of diet: I actually like a lot of food that is good for me–I just often get caught hungry and without time to go to the market or to cook. Thus the resolution:

THEREFORE, let it be resolved that I will engage in a structured diet, and schedule (and complete) seven hours of exercise each week, on penalty of withdrawn media.

On the diet side, Jamie picked up a book on the Atkin’s diet. I’ve shied away from it, despite now knowing several people for whom it has worked wonders, because it just seems wrong. Nonetheless, it is worth a try. Any health hazards are really minor within the panoply of risks being this overweight brings about.

On the exercise front, I will have the same sort of hard window of scheduled time as I do for lesson planning, during which exercise must happen. I have a bike within view of the TV, so I will make any TV or movie-watching contingent on getting a bit of aerobic activity in. I will once again make an effort to read while riding, though this has never worked for me.

I’ll also keep fairly detailed records of this process (as is my wont), and may or may not share these publicly :).

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