New Year’s Resolution #2

WHEREAS I have been “unproductive” as a scholar since I have been employed at SUNY…

This may or may not be an overstatement. I have about a dozen projects at varying degrees of completion. Closing has been the real issue. My efforts are distributed so thinly that I haven’t been able to push forward in any appreciable way. So the question is not one of whether I am spending enough time on research (though I may not be–see a future resolution!), but rather whether these are producing some externally measurable progress: i.e., publications and grants.

I feel particularly bad about how this has affected my collaborators. So here is a blanket apology to Maria (especially!), Kim-Alla, Jia, and Taso. I’ll be more with it in the coming year, I promise.

THEREFORE, let it be resolved that I will “close” two projects for every new project I begin.

This may sound a bit self-defeating, but it isn’t. I have enough projects in the oven right now, that I will still have too many open at the end of next year. This is just an effort to get things to be more manageable. By close, I mean simply that the project has been written up and submitted for publication, or that it has been entirely abandoned. My hope is to have four papers out for review in the first six months. None of these will likely be “new” work; all have already been started.

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