Netporn Conference

The Institute of Network Cultures is sponsoring a conference on NetPorn:

Netporn Conference
In this international Netporn conference we want to investigate different forms of Internet pornography This event is produced together with Katrien Jacobs, and is scheduled for October 7-8, 2005 in Amsterdam.
The Art and Politics of Netporn
October 7-8, 2005 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Institute of Network Cultures in Collaboration with Katrien Jacobs.

In October 2005, we will organize a gathering for multiple reactions and reflections on netporn as daily ingredient of network culture. What do we mean by netporn? A complex net of interactive environments, netporn is social-economic traffic between large corporations and fringe cultures, between ISPs and clients, stars and audiences. Netporn is blogging, camming, chatting, forwarding or linking, binging on portals, confession boards, mailing lists, zines. Does netporn corroborate the pact between technological experiment and hedonism? What are the dark sides of netporn economies? What do we want to try out with the “enhanced G-spot”? Debate means recognizing and re-drawing the contours of hype and hysteria, of polemics and polarization, discussing traffic as local and global phantasms, or cross-fertilization between economy, desire and art/queer politics.

Graduating from porn as smooth plunge into the Matrix, we see netporn as nets of industries and aesthetics with huge impact on cultures and the law. As netporn is globally more available to net users, specific groups and users are more actively being surveilled by ISP’s, or censored by nation-state governments. What is left for scholars and artists to do with the rhetoric of “crime and punishment”? Can we investigate how these industries actually work and make imaginative sketches to go beyond the censorship climate?

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