It seems the only ones posting to my site these days are the script-kiddies, who have nailed both my main pages recently, using (I am assuming) an insecure PHP script on my site to allow for shell commands to pass through. I’m guessing it is a hole in WordPress (I’m still running 1.2), but I’m not sure. There are actually a lot of PHP scripts running on this site, no doubt many of them with security holes.

However, this is just urging on the inevitable. This week, if the cards are dealt right, I will be moving servers, and moving house.

The servers will be moving over to Dreamhost, and as part of the move I’m going to clean up and simplify the blog a bit. Maybe people will even be able to read it on a laptop soon! Since the redesign has taken on ever greater dimensions, and been pushed back month by month, I have decided to just do the move and then add little tweaks as I have time. With school starting this week, that “as I have time” will be the hard bit.

And at the end of the week, I’m making that move to Manhattan. We’ve found a nice apartment that will take us and our 190 pound dog in the Upper (Upper) West Side. (Around the corner from Mama Mexico). I’ll be a regular on Jet Blue flight number 1 for the next year, shuffling back to Buffalo each week to teach.

So, if blogging is a bit light over the next few days, please forgive me. And if you are going to deface the blog, please kindly move along. Someone else is far more deserving, I’m sure.

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  1. Posted 8/23/2005 at 9:02 am | Permalink

    Damn it, I wanna move too! :P

  2. Posted 8/23/2005 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    lemme know if you need help with dreamhost, i’ve been using it for years.

  3. Posted 8/23/2005 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    Hey Alex, I just moved into an apartment around the corner from Mama Mexico too! Though my apt is nowhere near large enough to accomodate a 190 pound dog. :) Perhaps we’ll bump into each other.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Mama Mexico, btw, but aside from the great margaritas and the live music, the proprietor is known to walk around with a bottle of tequila, pouring it into the open mouths of his patrons. It’s a damn good time.

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  5. Posted 8/27/2005 at 8:28 am | Permalink

    Yes, but is there a “”? That seems somehow more appropriate.

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