MITIA Regrouping

Well, I have to say I’ve been very happy with some of the MITIA blogs, but not as happy with others. I have my own ideas regarding how the blogging-only project is going, but I’d be curious what you all think of it (and I’ll ask you to answer this as an assignment!). But, the time has come for us to meet back in the classroom, and perhaps continue to do so throughout the semester. Therefore, please Plan to be in class on Wednesday, November 10th. I’ll ask you each to talk briefly about your ideas regarding a final blog for the class.

I’ll reserve a more in-depth assessment of how things have been going until after I hear your ideas. For now, I’ll just say that I don’t think we’ve gotten where I had hoped we would be. A large part of this is not having the physical classes. I think that these, more than anything else, force a kind of regularity on the process that may be a necessity for now. When I look at the syllabus for the class I realize that we haven’t covered nearly as much as we have in previous iterations of the class. I’m going to collapse some things together for the following week and talk about intellectual property, online payment models for content, and the rise (resurgence?) of Do-It-Yourself culture. Rather than assign particular readings, I will expect you to follow the links in the lecture posts. We will follow with the following topics: privacy/surveillance, Marketing and advertising, and Ubicomp/Wearcomp.

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