MITIA Assignment: Howzitgoin’

Deadline: Before midnight, Tuesday, 9 November.

What do you think of our experiment. Can blogs be used in this way? Would you rather we were meeting in person? Does this work as a distance form? Would it be better if it were used in conjunction with a more in-person classroom? Would you prefer a non-blogging class to a blogging one? What would you tell a teacher who was thinking of using blogs in their classroom? What has been the hardest part of using a blog with the class? The most surprising? Do you know how many people are reading your blog? Are you proud of the content? Do you think this is something you might do after the class? If you could change the structure of the class, how would you do it?

Obviously, these are more suggestive than exhaustive questions, but I am interested in your opinion. Oh, and normally I wouldn’t have to say this, but many of you don’t know me well: you won’t hurt my feelings if you hate the blogging. I want your honest feedback.

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  1. Posted 11/8/2004 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    Allowing students to take ownership of their work and take pride in publishing it online through blogs is an awesome idea. I do find that there is a lack of direct incentive in “networking” our blogs and thus we all see to be taking individualized efforts in promoting content. Thus, two recommendations:
    1. The needs to be a system to provide better visibility for networked (i.e. trackback) articles.
    2. Blogs cannot replace the dynamic real-time discussion in the classroom. We should participate in some form of synchronous online chat maybe once a week.

    What do you think?

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    I agreed with Kevin about students’ work on blogs that involves attentive effort, consistent reading and creativ […]

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