Mass media and Google Search

I appeared in more media venues in April than I have since the work on September 11. The vast majority of it was related to a news release on “Self-Googling,” though there were some other things as well (on gaming, quiet parties). This was also the first full month, I think, that I had data from a personal AdWords ad for my name. And, unlike last month, it was uninterupted during April. Below, I’ve sketched out how many times my name was googled each month (the blue line), with some of the news events that may (or may not) have been related. The vast majority of hits last month were for the draft of an article I published, so that messes things up a bit.

The orange bars indicate independent sites that visited the page during the day, and the yellow are visits. (No, I don’t understand how sites can be more than visits either–ask the Webalizer folks.) As you can see, the correlation between Google searches and hits is not very clear. Indeed, on a day when my name was searched on Google relatively few times (9), the number of visits was fairly high (almost 2000).


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