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As a follow-on to the post yesterday, specifically you should check out Micah’s aggregator search. Like most great ideas, it is simple enough. If you can search your own blog, shouldn’t you be able to search all the blogs you regularly frequent? I realize what it is lacking as I write this and search for where I should link it: a name!

This is as interesting as a thought experiment as it is as a neat hack. Where do you go from here? One obvious direction is ranking search results in terms of distance from your primary links. That is, what if you could search not only friends, but friends of friends. I don’t know that you would want to go beyond those two steps, but it is an interesting idea.

The intent behind the searching functionality, and I think this is smart, is as something like a memory agent. There are times you don’t want to find stuff your friends have presented to you. In fact, there are times you specifically want to find things your friends haven’t yet found. (And I suspect FOAF searching might very well yield ideas that are new to you yet relevent–you’re just bypassing a step in there.) I’ll have to try adding it to my site at some point when I have a breather.

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    A name like, say, Roogle.

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