Law, Order, & Our Building

Law & Order filmed in our building a while back (the “Invaders” episode). Click on the picture to get a WMV of the first minute or so.

We were a little surprised at how hard it was to suspend disbelief when you know the set so well. We missed the first five minutes of the show, basically, because we were so confused.

First of all, how did the attackers get past Mike? Sure, we don’t have the best security in the building, but I bet Mike would have at least given them hell. And why aren’t they reviewing the tapes of all the security cameras that are in the building? And of course they didn’t get in from the fire escape–we have no exterior fire escapes on this building. Hold on: how could someone in 4D be a witness to a crime in 4J? They are in two separate towers! (We should know–we’re in 4A, and know the folks who live in 4D.) And Cheezy Pizza is on the back side of our apartments–why are they cordoning it off? Anyway, you get the idea. Maybe some of this is explained by the fact that one of the suspects lived in the same building (possibly in the same apartment, after a little redecorating).

Hopefully Margaret will be less disorienting when it comes out.

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